What is Hypnosis

Our mindset is always awake and makes judgments. We have full access and we usually focus more on thinking, memory, feelings and sensation while blocking out distractions. This creates the subconscious more receptive to any decision that the conscious mind want to let in. Hypnosis is a methodology that force the subconscious mind to a state of re-carpeting by changing our outlook regarding the ideologies and perhaps ourselves and those involved methodologies in order for the information can go directly into subconscious minds and affect our dairy beliefs and our norms that we can make powerful changes right away.
Hypnosis is not always “mind control.” That’s just an illusion. You are not deeply asleep, just deeply relaxed but completely awarded. You can’t alter or do anything you don’t want to. What you always do, is discovering you were born with a set of incredibly powerful tools for positive change you simply haven’t yet uncovered or developed.
Hypnosis model a state of deep relaxation and quiets the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a focused deep state of the mind. Hypnosis help us succeed even if nothing else has really worked! Hypnosis is the fastest growing fields of human innovations. As a Hypnotherapist we are working together with people who are depressed because nothing has helped in achieve their goals.

Advantages of Hypnosis:

1. Selecting our goals in life

2. Promoting health and wellbeing of ourselves

3. Developing and expression of awareness and intuitions

4. Making better decision

5. Improving our concentration

6.Reduce conflicts and stress moods

How many sessions should I need?

Hypnotherapy will be used to treat several conditions.
From smoking and depressions to PTSD, hypnotherapist help us break from things that are holding ourselves back.
There are no magic numbers and there’s no real way of knowing exactly how many sessions you’ll need. People enjoy immediate result within their first session whereas others may need six, seven or more session. It comes down to the problem itself and if there’s more than one issue to deal with at a time.

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